Lead by: Coach and Tedx Speaker Jonathan Winn (

Support Coaching by: Dillion Carlyon (

Justin Barton

Tommy Allgood

When: March 16th- 23rd, 2019

Cost: (Early Bird) $3000.00 Before December 1st

$3500.00 After December 1st

About This Retreat

We’ll be embarking on an adventure together as a group of gay men to safely explore deeper intimacy in relationship with ourselves, community, nature, and the world around us. Whether it’s jumping off of a cliff into Lake Atitlan, or expressing your deepest dreams and desires, or exploring the natural beauty and power of the lake, or holding ceremony with a shaman - through this journey you can be sure to encounter fun, healing, transformation, and self-discovery! 

This retreat will allow you to experience a safe container in which to allow your truest self to shine brightly. We’ll work to replace our shame, guilt, and judgment with love, support, and play. We’ll connect with our personal power, with our collective power, and understand that all things which we desire are possible. When we give ourselves the permission to express what’s inside of us, we heal ourselves and the world around us. We open up opportunity, connection, abundance, support, love, understanding, community, gratitude, and fun! 

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