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'I have been broken, yet, I am whole. My brokeness does not define my ability but helps me to grow into greatness. Yes, my brokeness does not define me and brokeness is not the end of your story.'

-Tommy Allgood


Tommy Allgood a.k.a Thomas Garvin is a Registered Nurse based in Charlotte, NC. He currently works in Critical Care at a major Research and Trauma Center and is the owner and founder of Tommy Allgood Coaching and Consulting. He has a passion for helping individuals to develop a practice of Zooming in and out of their road blocks and mental obstacles to figure out the best way to develop resilience in the face of adversity and resistance. He also works with organizations to create cultures that are people centered and compassion oriented, breaking down what it means to be in authentic service to communities. He recognizes that when we value those around us and practice from an abundance mindset, we have no choice but to be successful. He is a member of the Critical Care Nurses Association and the Holistic Nurses Association. His current work includes advancing holistic medicine in Hospital settings with an emphasis on the mind, body, spirit connection and sharing his knowledge based with organizations so that they foster healthy people and healthy environments. He also has a passion for spiritual connection, growth, and emotional vulnerability. He speaks and writes frequently on topics like oneness, connection, ego, and community. Thomas is gifted at taking taboo topics and creating space to have nuanced, thought-provoking discussions, with the goal of growth, understanding, and acceptance. His coaching utilizes elements in nature, various cultures, and his personal spiritual journey to draw on aspects that connect us to each other and the things not seen. Read more of his story in the Tommy Who? section.


Tommy is a powerful coach with a huge heart that provides a nurturing net of support for those he serves. I highly recommend receiving guidance and support from him. - Jonathan Winn, Owner of Breathe Refuge, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Tedx contributor



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