Let's Dig a Little Deeper
Don't hold back now.
What would you like to share with me?
Rate the following:
Rate the following:
I am generally happy
I am happy with my emotions
I am happy with my relationship(s)
I'm happy with my sex life
I'm happy with my body
I'm happy with my spiritual life
My focus is appropriate
I have time to do the things I need to do
I have time to do the things I want to do
I have time to have fun
I tend to my mental well-being daily
I have meaningful spiritual practices
I see myself in a positive light
I struggle with negative thoughts
I see myself as valuable
I don't require a lot of attention
I am good at receiving gifts
I receive constructive criticism well
I listen to my intuition
I listen to my heart's desires
I find it difficult to come out of my head
I can easily ask for what I need
What life areas would you like to improve through coaching?
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