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The Power of a Single Choice

Choices are often difficult to make. 

The never ending brain chatter. . . 

Sorting through the wisdom and foolishness we’ve been handed

Fell for hook, line, and sinker over the years.

We make them complicated. . .

We make them FEARFUL.

We make them without the guidance of spirit.


When Spirit conceived us,  nurtured us in the womb

it gave us one responsibility:

To take care.


All the great prophets of old recycled this message in different ways.

Jesus through meditation

Buddha through detachment

Muhammad through prayer.

So if I may offer an oversimplification. . . 

If I could sum up what I think the prophets were saying, it would be this:

Choose yourself.


This is counter intuitive because we have been taught that choosing ourselves is selfish. 

This could not be further from the truth.

Do not the prophets all prophesy of honor?

Treating others the way you would want to be treated.

We extend that dignity outwardly. . .

Where is the grace to apply this internally?


Do you not want to be cared for?

Then care deeply for others

Do you not want to be fed?

Then freely feed those hungering

Do you not want respect, honor, and dignity?

The give these to each other.

Do you not crave rest?

Then be a restful aroma to those in your presence.


Choices are not difficult.

We make them so.

When faced with a difficult one. . .

Simply ask: How can I show love to myself?

How can I be kind?

How do I want to be treated?

Does this uplift or deplete me?

Does this promote authenticity?

Does this further my purpose or take me aways from my gifts?


The choice is simple.

Only we can make it for ourselves.

I hope that you always choose you.


By doing so, you walk the path of the spiritual greats who came before us.

You CHOOSE to allow the divine essence to flow freely

To operate through the work of your hands

To flow from the love of your heart.


Choose you.

Choose Love.

Choose Healing.

Choose Health.

Choose Peace.


Choose You.


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