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My name is Thomas Garvin but you can call me Tommy Allgood. (There’s a story behind the name but that’s for a later blog post).

So who am I? Simply put, I’m a healer and a helper. Embracing that truth is liberating. Let me also say, that it’s also the Ethos that we are building in our collective consciousness as a human species. My work revolves around furthering that ethos.

I come from humble beginnings and my journey has been fostered in immense love and grace. I am from and currently reside in Charlotte, NC. Like many, I was handed a version of spirituality in my youth that was very narrow and limited; One that fostered many deep and traumatic gashes in the mental psyche. This can be the effect of organized belief systems designed to control the mind via behaviors. This led me on what I like to term as the 'Journey of Questions'. I begin to ask that question that we all ask in our life at some point, perhaps at multiple junctures: Who am I and what is my purpose?

The journey led to a simple answer, but to say the journey was simple is not giving credit to the work that we must go through to discover that purpose. So. I am a healer and a helper. My life’s work now is to share the tools that helped me on my path and to help you discover your purpose, your joy. A purpose that revolves around helping people like you cope well with the emotional baggage that may be holding you back and rediscovering the light that may have been dimmed by the hustle and bustle of life.


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony
— Mahatma Ghandi

Why work with me?

I’m ecstatic that you’ve decided to step into the journey that life is directing you towards. Why go on it with me though? Simply put, the journey of life is more fulfilling when we do it in the context of community and healthy relationships. While I won’t offer you a promise to fix your problems, I’m extending a hand to walk with you down the path of discovery. I offer the opportunity to explore your barriers, mental blockades, thought process, trauma, and the brain chatter that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

We will utilize what I’m calling a Gut (Body), Heart, Mind, Spirit approach. Notice those are all the elements that make up our consciousness, so it’s only fitting to dive into all of them. Working with me is guaranteed to challenge your comfort zone as we climb the mountain of progress together. I know that last statement can be intimidating but I also promise you a place of safety free from judgement.

As a nurse, over the years I've gotten to care for many many people with physical trauma. Trauma has the ability to throw the body off its natural balance (Homeostasis). In a hospital setting, after a traumatic event, you’d typically see the medical staff perform various interventions to maintain those balances as the body heals. If the proper care and steps are taken, the resiliency of the body can make the physical trauma invisible to the naked eye. That does not mean the effects of the trauma will go unfettered. . . No. In fact some trauma requires extensive rehabilitation and the effects can last for years. This applies even more so to the unseen emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma that we all experience in our lives. . . We may not even know is there let alone that it's holding us back.

So my promise to you is to provide the safest space possible to explore these wounds. My oath as a nurse means that I do not add harm to you but empower you. . . and yes empowerment can sometimes be a recognition of our limitations. This makes way for our strengths to fully shine through.